Living in Hyperreality
to Jun 10

Living in Hyperreality

Hyperreality is the semantically postmodern condition of being unable to distinguish reality from the simulation of it. French philosopher Jean Baudrillard coined the term in the 1980's ascribing it to the world he knew then, for the native internet generation, living in the simulacra is now as natural as living in the real; the disassociating effects of the digital are felt more than any other generation that came before. Today the merging of learned and imagined mythologies collide with indistinct spaces, virtual human relations and a cacophony of truths and non-truths. So how do emerging contemporary artists explore their lived and experienced hyperrealities?

Accepting any medium in response to the theme. The exhibition will occupy three dimensions of the space and particularly invites photographic, screen-based and sculptural pieces.

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